College Learning Disability Evaluations and Accommodations

Your Path. Your Right. 

College disability accommodations are available for students like you.  Asking for assistance builds confidence and makes sure that you take care of yourself.  If you are a student seeking support, we may be able to assist you with self-advocacy and exploring accommodations that are tailored to your individual needs.

We Meet College/University Learning Disability Evaluation Guidelines

Comprehensive Disability Evaluation

**Bilingual evaluation is provided

College Accommodations

If you have a diagnosis and require update or recertification, we can help.  

We can also assist you with self-advocacy in communicating your needs or requests to educational institutions, instructors, or professors regarding your disability and/or accommodations.  

We can also help you understand and discuss the functional limitations of your disability and how accommodations may support your studies.  

Each college and university has its own guidelines and you should contact the schools disability services for final decisions.