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Juken Learning Services has an unwavering commitment: equip you with tools to help you pass the LEP exam with confidence.

With over two decades of diverse experiences in school psychology, from traditional roles to administrative, I've faced hurdles. It led me to a crossroads in my career. These were merely stepping stones. I realized my unique talent for providing insight and clarity. 

School psychologist responsibilities have increased and there is a greater need for our unique education and range of services.  Your scope of practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist is broad.  Essentially, your possibilities are boundless. 

Discover your niche and invest in yourself.  This can only begin with your first step to register for the Your LEP Matters© test preparation.

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Licensed Educational Psychologist exam statistics. Demystify the LEP exam and prepare for your license. 

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The LEP Examination Outline has been revised 5/1/2023

LEP Examination Outline 2023.pdf

Download the LEP examination outline

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