Workforce Preparation

"I was just trying to choose a major that my parents approved. My parents were frustrated and I was too. After working with Ms. Bratton, I not only chose a major but I also found a career that I had no idea existed."

--12th grade student accepted to San Diego State University

I have depression and anxiety. Looking for a job meant I probably would have to work with others. I took the Career Inventory and the first career was mortician. I was mortified. After a few sessions with Kenya and connecting the dots I actually went out on a limb and applied for a position for funeral services. And I love it.  My disability is a strength. 


                 --Melanie R., age 44

Preparing Youth and Adults for the Workforce

Our mission is to empower individuals to embark on a path to success starting as early as 11th grade and beyond. We recognize the critical role workforce preparation plays in guiding individuals towards well-informed decisions about their college majors, trades and/or and meaningful careers. 

By partnering with us, individuals can ensure they are well-prepared to meet the demands of choosing a major, a trade or workforce industry.

Workforce Preparation Overview

Workforce services is different than vocational services because these services can be secured by private individuals, parents, educational institutions, organizations, agencies etc.

These services may range from creating, revising or updating a resume to a comprehensive package of employability preparation.

Youths between 11th-first year college usually select a career inventory with consultation to explore majors that fit with their strengths, passions, and desires. 

Adults usually select resume, cover letter services, introduction to ChatGPT and interviewing with finesse.  Our servies are tailored for your individual needs.  

Contact us for a consultation to explore the best packages for you.