Here's Our Impact 


I wanted to be a sheriff and all I needed was my GED. I dropped out in 11th grade. I knew I had a disability but also did not know how to get tested. Kenya helped me in a lot of ways. I got tested. She helped me understand my disability. She helped me with GED accommodations. And within one year, I graduated from adult education and was even the alumni speaker.  I was proud to share to everyone that I have a disability and I achieved my goals.

Luis A., age 26

The IEP thinks I have a intellectual disability. I thought it meant I needed help with remembering and tutoring.  Ms. Bratton would look confused when she read that. I agreed to do the testing over because it was like 8 years ago. I learned that I may have some learning problems but I am not what my IEP said. I also like how she helps me to ask for help with the teacher but I don’t have to tell the teacher I have a disability.

                                           F. Lopez,  Recertified Learning Disability                                                                      Assessment, age 26  

My depression kept me away from finishing school. I have a lot going on everyday. I have grown children. I struggle with my own confidence. I start and stop and just want to give up. I started the testing with Kenya and then I stopped calling her. She came to my house to check-in on me. I don’t think this is what business people should do. Later it made me appreciate that she was fighting for my goals. I have a learning disability. I have mental health. I also have someone that cared for me.  After testing and working with her, my life changed.  I passed the GED. I still haven’t looked for work but that has nothing to do with her. I just struggle but I did meet one goal that I was working on for five years. Thank you Kenya.

Shelly B., age 52

I feel like I am out of touch. I pretty much overstudy and become overwhelmed. I met with Kenya to understand how ChatGPT can help me with learning. by you asking me to bring an actual class document(which I was able to provide) to be used as an example and also asking me my issues in studying that you could assist via ChatGPT.  This helped me a lot to easily understand as you taught me ChatGPT.  I appreciate you going the extra mile, extending the time of our meeting just so to answer all of my questions and requests on how to maneuver ChatGPT. 

Phyllis M. Career Technical Education Student, age 45

Dude, can I say that? This Chat thing is scary but I learned how to interview with Chat and got the job I wanted. I know for a fact that Kenya teaching me made me teach myself. It’s kinda hard to practice interview with friends because they think all the answers are good. Kenya made sure I could understand the question and answer in a way that was comfortable. ‘Cause I stutter using the Chat thing gave me confidence. I love my job.

Anthony R. age-31

Testing makes me feel like I am not smart. I like how we tested for short times. I think it was only like 3 times and then after that I had a meeting. And then after that I was still shocked that it happened so quick. 

E. Ramos, age 24

I’ll be honest. It costs a lot to pay for testing. I tried at the college but it will take a long, long, long time. Instead, I spent a lot less and did the learning test with Kenya. My learning preference is kinesthetic.  My go-to for taking notes is using charts and highlights.  We only met two times. I may have to get testing later, but for now I have a pocket full of tips I can use.

R. Collins, age 44