Learning Disability Evaluations

Learning Should Not Be Frustrating.

At Juken Learning Services, we are here to support individuals seeking learning disability evaluations to fulfill their employment and educational goals. We take pride in our team of licensed professionals who are dedicated to guiding you through this important process.

Why Choose Juken Learning Services?

What Our Assessment Covers

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes cognitive skills (thinking, reasoning, problem-solving) and academic strengths/weaknesses (reading, writing, mathematics). Additional tests can be administered for memory, concentration, and attention-related traits, if needed 

Juken Learning Services is dedicated to assisting individuals in their pursuit of personal and educational growth. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and guidance on your journey toward reaching your full potential.

Disability Testing and Accommodations

Our services are a critical step in establishing or confirming an individual's disability and identifying the necessary educational, GED, HiSET, and workplace accommodations. 

Once a learning evaluation report is finalized, clients typically collaborate with state agencies and educational institutions. 

If the client needs to establish, reassess, or synthesize their educational background to determine disability status, we are able to assist in completing this process.  

However, we do not provide assessments for any worker's compensation related disability.

Learning Disability Screener

We provide a learning disability screener.  The screener will not be sufficient for a diagnosis or accommodations.  A screener is an option for adults who are not quite ready to face that a learning disability may exist.  The screener includes a learning modality inventory, reading profile, and includes three evidenced based adult learner strategies that have shown to improve engagement, learning, and confidence.  (2 hours total time).

This may be an affordable short-term option. Contact us for a consultation to learn more.