Vocational Services

Juken Learning Services specializes in tailored vocational services for individuals or agencies seeking opportunities to plan their educational, employment, and career goals. 

Key Features

We pride ourselves on completing assessments within 30 days of intake.

Description of Services

We are equipped to offer assistance in the following areas:

Vocational Services 





What We Do

Personalized Vocational Assessment Service

Discover your unique career path with our personalized Vocational Assessment (VA) service. Our individualized approach means each client receives a customized report, career profile, recommendations for post-secondary education, a personalized learning strength inventory, interpretation of report training and if applicable aptitude testing. By customizing our services to meet your specific needs, we offer the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career that blends your skills, talents, and workplace desires. 

Cost-effective Vocational Assessment Service

Our cost-effective Vocational Assessment (VA) service offers clients valuable insights to identify their strengths, highlight transferable skills, work experiences, pinpoint employment barriers, and discover viable employment related options while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Timely Vocational Assessment Service

Time is of the essence when seeking fulfilling employment, and our Vocational Assessment (VA) service is designed with that in mind. Our commitment to a 30-day or less turnaround means you can swiftly identify your employment strengths and overcome barriers to securing a desirable position. Through our efficient process, you will gain quick access to opportunities that suit your skills and preferences, maximizing your chances of securing the perfect position in the shortest possible timeframe.

Workforce Employment Preparation

We provide clients with the necessary tools at their fingertips to become successful on their employment journey

Each client prepares an Employment Digital Portfolio which includes: